I have been making videos since 1998 when I figured out to hook two VCRs together. Later, in college, I figured out it was a lot easier to use Final Cut Pro.

Nowadays, I direct and edit freelance. I’ve edited dialogue for the Duplass Brothers produced HBO animated series Animals. I also edited on the sketch show The Birthday Boys for IFC. I directed and edited a digital series for Freeform called Time for Bed with Punam Patel, which can be found on Hulu or on the Freeform app. And I directed and edited the Ford sponsored travel series Taste Buds Travel.

I have also worked a lot with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Aaaaaand I do a bunch of goofy crap on my own, like Space Jam 2 and My Best Friend, My Butler and idrawtomhanks.tumblr.com